Top 5 Things to do in Martin, Tennessee during Winter

This town may be small, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t filled with things to do!

1. Have a spa day at Styles on Broadway
Do not underestimate the power of a quality massage during this winter weather. Get yourself to this salon! Whether you are getting your hair cut or having your nails manicured, we are biased to the customer service at SOB as our favorite go-to! They always treat you with the best of care and even offer you complimentary fruit tea while you wait for your appointment. Definitely check these guys out this season, and don’t forget to use their hashtag for a chance at some great discounts! #SOBSalonSpa


2. Order Freakshakes and appetizers at The Grind

Your winter is not complete until you have huddled with your best buds and shared one of these massive milkshakes with your friends! Trust me, if you try to finish the whole thing by yourself, you’ll be in serious pain on the ride home! The Grind has a very cozy atmosphere when you’re looking for a place to warm up and spend a few quality hours. Relax, order something with bacon on it (which shouldn’t be too hard to find on the menu), and take in the sights with your best buds. 


3. Find yourself at We Care
If you’re looking for a vintage camera, gently used clothing, a mismatch dish set, or a place to volunteer your time, look no further than We Care in Martin. Started by the First United Methodist Church in Martin, We Care is a quality local thrift store created with the noble purpose of helping local people who are under their luck. Be a part of this great work and treat yourself to some random finds! This thrift store is open Wednesdays 1:00pm-3:30pm  and Saturdays 9:30am-12:00pm. 


4. Watch the latest Hollywood hit at Cine 6 Theatres
One of the great things about Martin is that we actually have a really good movie theater! And nothing beats the winter cold like curling up in their comfy seats and losing yourself in a new story. With popcorn in one hand and a chilled Coke in the other, you’ve got the perfect way to spend these early winter nights!


5. Curl up to a Martin Macchiato and a good book at Martin Coffeehouse
Martin Coffeehouse is everyone’s new favorite spot to meet up over muffins and macchiatos. They have an array of seating options whether you want to couch it up with some friends or work at the community table. Martin Coffeehouse started in August 2017, and since they have been open, they have raised over $2,000 to build a library in Nepal! Whether you’re interested in their chicken salad filled croissants, their community books and games, or being part of making a global difference in a local way, check them out! Don’t forget to like their facebook page for frequent GIVEAWAYS! 



Comment below about your favorite thing to do in Martin during the cold months! How do you pass the time and who do you love to do it with?

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