Martin's Over $7 Million 21st Century Library


The city has decided to update the local library and make it a place of opportunity and creativity. Be prepared for an all new library experience. Our new 21st century library will have the works and will make your trip to the library, one worth experiencing. The new library will be home to colorful illustrations, public access computer labs, and a children’s library. This update has had Martin overjoyed and filled with anticipation ever since there was first word of it being built.

Nick Dunagan President of the City of Martin Public Library Foundation Board and former Chancellor of UT Martin

Nick Dunagan
President of the City of Martin Public Library Foundation Board and former Chancellor of UT Martin

I was given the opportunity to sit with the president of the City of Martin Public Library Foundation Board, Nick Dunagan, also former Chancellor of UT Martin, to discuss the library update and the impact it’s anticipated to have on the community. The need for a new library has been among us, especially since the old building had some issues, and in 2017, plans for an up-to-date library began! We are thrilled that Martin is being blessed with an amazing facility, that everyone can benefit from! The project is estimated to be complete in 2021.

By furnishing the library with top-notch technology and decorative art, this new library will definitely be relevant to the community of Martin. Some of the new features of the library include: a Tennessee History room, genealogy room, group study rooms, a stacked bookstore and yummy café, leisure areas, a teen zone, a children’s library, a media and video editing room, a public access computer area, a kitchen, and 4 meeting rooms that can be converted into a larger space, potentially fitting up to 275 people. The library will also contain a number of original illustrated children’s book art, contributed by David Warren. The library offers the chance to continue community learning after graduation. It also offers the opportunity to enhance one’s creativity by giving community members resources that have not always been made available to the public.

When I asked Dr. Dunagan what they hope to accomplish by updating the library, one of the end goals he highlighted is that this library will become “the lynchpin of downtown and will better the overall image of Martin, Tennessee.”

Our hope is that this new library will become the centerpiece of Martin, so that when people come to visit they will see our new library and know that we value progression, creativity, and education.

This new and improved 21st century library is almost ready to break ground. Citizens and companies from the community have raised just over $900,000 of the goal amount of $1.5 million. Dr. Dunagan is optimistic that the rest of the money can be raised within the next several weeks. Once the town reaches its goal of $1.5 million, the city of Martin will contribute the other $5.5 million to complete this project.

Kaci Mitchell  Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell

Writer for Good Morning Martin

The new library will be located at 100 Main Street, where the old police station was once located and is expected to open around February or April of 2021. Construction is scheduled to begin October 2019.

We are so excited for this library to enhance our city of Martin! The Martin Public Library will be the core of the community and present residents with opportunities to gain knowledge and engage in educational activities.

Kaci Mitchell