Farewell for Now!

Experiences and encounters are things that we endure, which ultimately make up who we are. Our past and future experiences help define us as people, and mold us into individuals we that strive to be or want to avoid. Whatever way you choose to look at it! My experience here at the online magazine, Good Morning Martin, has been not only fun and exciting but extremely informative and enlightening! Since working here at Good Morning Martin, I have written 15 different stories and five Facebook previews that have benefited, not only just the town, but myself as well.


Martin, Tennessee is a smaller community, that is currently home to about 11,500 people. Martin is filled with loving, caring, and helpful individuals, that look out for one another. I began my internship here, at Good Morning Martin, on January 16, 2019, and did not know what exactly to expect, especially since there were a million different things running through my mind: Would they like my writing style? Are my story ideas good enough? Am I good enough, for this position. My first story was a simple introduction piece called, “Meet Kaci”. It was an easy beginners’ story, that highlighted my life here in Martin since 2014 and I was more than excited to write it. I was so happy and loved the amount of support and feedback that I received, after posting it on the Good Morning Martin Facebook page. After the positive reactions, gained from that piece and other Facebook business previews, I began to write with more confidence and freedom.

With high hopes of becoming a public relations practitioner, this educational and real-world experience has been very beneficial to my future career and will definitely push me in the right direction. I have great expectations for my future, and the community has done an exceptional job of supporting my decision and providing me with the necessary tools and qualifications to become a huge success as a public relations practitioner! I have been blessed with the opportunity to interview different Martin business owners, which has helped me practice my interviewing skills, and has also given me the chance to build connections, that could also help me in the long run! Martin is dedicated to building connections, hence the town’s fairly new logo, and I can personally say that working with John and Courtney Sellers and Tanya Chopra, are three connections that have been extremely worthwhile. None of my bosses held my hand and walked me through this internship, but instead gave me some ideas that only enhanced my writing and made my stories more readable. John, Courtney and Tanya have guided me, provided constructive criticism, and have overall been outstanding bosses, that successfully demonstrate what it takes to become a prosperous business woman.

My favorite stories include; Martin: My International Experience, Why Choose Martin After Graduation, and 8 Signs That You’re from Martin. These three pieces were especially exciting to write because I think that they are relevant topics that a lot of Martin residents would find joy in reading because they’re fun yet informative stories! But if you have some spare time on your hands, check out all of the stories! This internship has been everything, and then some, and I have no one to thank but my teacher, Dr. Ogg for suggesting this opportunity, my bosses John, Courtney and Tonya for supporting all of my ideas, except the terrible ones, and for motivating me and providing me with resources that will help me in my near future!

Kaci Mitchell  Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell

Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell