Top 5 Things to do in Martin in Winter

Since we’re well into winter, I’m sure everyone has had the “let’s do nothing because it’s too cold outside” mindset. Well people I’m here to give you guys a few ideas to have some fun while it’s still chilly out! There’s stuff for everyone, in our cool town, from super exciting activities, all the way to chilling in the comfort of your own home! If you need some help finding something to do, check out our top list of things to do in the winter!

  1. 4-wheeling in the snow!

Martin is so beautiful when it’s covered with a blanket of snow. Enjoy that though because shortly after a snow shower, I’m sure that you will see some people living it up on their 4-wheeler! This thrilling adventure is perfect for our winter lovers that enjoy a bit more excitement, in their lives!


2. Enjoy a cozy bonfire, with your closest friends,

and chow down on s’mores!

If you and your friends have nothing to do, in this chilly weather, nothing is better than a toasty bonfire, to keep you warm, and bonding over some yummy s’mores. This tasty tradition will always be a go to option, and especially around beautiful scenic Martin, why not give this popular experience a try!


3. Treat yourself to a cup of the best hot cocoa in

Martin, at Martin Coffeehouse!

Martin Coffeehouse is a must try and if your just sitting around when frigid evening, don’t hesitate to stop by and grab a cup of their BEST hot cocoa! Also offering a variety of hot and flavorful beverages, Martin Coffeehouse


4. Curl up by the fire and binge watch your

favorite Netflix show!

If you’re like me, you don’t go outside in the cold! There’s nothing wrong with just staying during the chilly season and turning on Netflix to binge watch your favorite show! Now that the popular app has added some new shows and movies, all you have to do is set up your personal chill space, turn on the show, and sit back and enjoy!


5. Show your team spirit and check out a local

basketball game!

Last but definitely not least. Since we’re in the middle of basketball season, if you have nothing to do, but want something to do, why not check out one of the local basketball games! Martin Middle is state bound, Westview High has been battling it out all season, and UTM basketball has only a few home games left that you do not want to miss!

Kaci Mitchell  Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell

Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell