Why Choose Martin After Graduation?


Graduation, a day that most college students look forward to, or maybe even dread. However that college senior may feel, it’s now time to step into the real world and truly become an adult. One of the many steps that must be taken, when attempting to establish oneself, is to decide where you want to begin this journey, called adulthood. It is no secret that larger cities attract the attention of many college graduates, and The Wall Street Journal says that, “Small metros lose out to big ones in gaining graduates, but some buck the trend.” Why can’t Martin buck that trend? Martin may not usually be a consideration but is the ideal town, that freshly graduated adults should be trying to live in!

Reason # 1: Martin Has a Very Diverse Economy

Everyone isn’t interested in pursuing the same things, yet Martin appears to be a community that revolves around farming and agriculture. Despite what someone may think, there are jobs for everyone here! There are work opportunities in manufacturing, construction, transportation, distribution, personal services, food processing, entertainment and recreation services, and education.

Reason # 2: Less Job Competition

Like the last paragraph stated, there’s a number of different job opportunities available. And since this is a small town, that is currently working on their expansion, which will only create more business opportunities, it is more likely that there is a job here for you! That’s right seniors, more opportunities and less competition! Big cities have a lot to offer, like many chances to achieve one’s goals and dreams. Martin, however, can offer that same opportunity. Whether it be through the startup of one’s own business or beginning a career here and working their way up to a desired position.

Reason # 3: Low Cost of Living

Not everyone can afford to live in big cities, or even suburban areas close to big cities because it’s far too expensive. Martin may not be a metropolis, but they have beautiful and, more importantly, affordable homes, throughout the town. According to Best Place, Martin’s median home cost is $87,000, which is $69,000 less than the state’s median home cost. Martin does their absolute best to be fair to each and every person by working with them and making sure they are able to pay their taxes. On top of that, the City of Martin’s official website emphasizes that the cost of utilities is below the national average, and in the past 12 years, property taxes have not risen, making Martin’s property taxes some of the lowest in the state.

Reason # 4: The Quality of People in Martin is Incomparable to Other Places

People play a some sort of role when deciding where to work, live, or go to school. People can be welcoming or cold and resistant, but Martin is full of many different types of people. They’re uplifting, motivating, understanding, and hard workers that only want to see their peers succeed. Having witnessed several professors go out of their way to ensure that their students are successful, it is safe to say that Martin residents demonstrate the characteristics of ideal individuals. Martin is a great place to start out, especially for freshly graduated and job seeking adults because Martin’s citizen’s are top-quality! They reassure you that you are capable of succeeding and give you the necessary tools to be anything that you want to be.

Reason # 5: A More Balanced Work and Social Life

Having a steady income is very important, but, when needed, so is relaxing and finding time to enjoy family, friends, and hobbies. Most stores, other than Walmart, have more modest operating hours. For example, a majority of Martin’s grocery stores close at 9 p.m. Since stores close at earlier hours, it gives workers a chance to spend their time, as they please, when they get off from work. Large cities are all about the night life and making money. Business operation hours can vary and be strenuous, but Martin focuses on providing its citizens with business opportunities and personal time.

Martin, Tennessee is a close-knit community. Despite its size, Martin has many positive features that would benefit graduating classes. Martin has a diverse work economy, low job competition and cost of living, welcoming community, and balanced work life. With graduation around the corner, the graduating classes of 2019, should begin considering their options, and making Martin a possibility.

Kaci Mitchell  Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell

Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell