8 Signs That You're From Martin, Tennessee

1.    When your radio station is permanently set to 90.3 The Hawk

Being a small community, it ‘s not a surprise that there aren’t too many radio options, but you can always rely on WUTM 90.3 The Hawk!


2.    You get teary-eyed every time you see a white Toyota Avalon. #alwaysremember #whitecarstrong

The mystery still remains as to where the famous white car, previously located across from Walmart, has gone. Where it came from and who’s car was it anyway?


3. When it takes 5 minutes to get anywhere, 9, if you catch the stop lights.

You never have to truly worry about traffic or leaving 30 minutes early just to make it to work. Small but convenient, you can make it anywhere, in Martin, in decent time.


4. You actually know what a soybean looks like. #whatsasoybean

For a town that surrounds a lot of what they do around soybeans, like the Soybean Festival, not too many people know what a soybean is or even looks like.


5. When you order chicken, cheese and rice every time you eat Cabaña. #basicneeds

Any time we go out to eat, at least two people are going to order chicken, cheese and rice. Not Pollo Loco (it’s given name), but they list off the ingredients of the dish!


6. You can’t go to Walmart without seeing 4 different people that you know.

Of course you wonder if you’re going to run into someone when you go to the store, but in small towns, that’s a constant guarantee.

images (2).jpg

7. Of course you prefer local businesses over chains.

Living in a quaint town makes you more open to trying locally owned businesses. They may not be huge and well known but they all value quality and always deliver excellent service!


8. Everything closes around 10 p.m.


For all the late night folks, I hope you get what you need while the sun is still out. Around small towns, the hours seem to be surrounded around opening a bit later and closing earlier.

Kaci Mitchell