York Laine Boutique Has Arrived


Martin, Tennessee is a place of comfort and opportunity. Throughout my five years, in Martin, I have watched this quiet little town grow and become a place that allows people to pursue their dreams. Martin has been sort of a kick start place, for smaller businesses that are new to the market, but looking to grow and become something much more.


Downtown Martin has been adding a few more shops to the community. York Laine Boutique is a fabulous store located on Lindell Street in downtown Martin. Brooke Hinson owned a boutique called York and Alaina Moore owned Lainy’s. They soon decided to combine their stores, so Brooke chose to reach out to her old college friend, Rachel Herrington for assistance, and soon, the three young women created York Laine Boutique. Their first location opened in Jackson, Tennessee on April 28, 2018, and in October of last year, their second location opened right here in Martin. Previously located behind Huddle House, York Laine has been quickly building up their brand and, in just three years, these entrepreneurs hope to continue their expansion into Memphis or Nashville.

When asked why these girls chose our quaint town for their next venture, co-owner Rachel responded: “Martin is growing, and we love the University of Tennessee at Martin. A lot of our customers are in college. We saw an opportunity here and we seized it.”


Alaina, Brooke, and Rachel adore fashion and decided to share their style with other women. Their product style captures the young contemporary look for women. They have everything from comfy sweaters, for those harsh winters, to fashionable accessories, to complete those perfect outfits. Some of York Laine’s products include jumpers and rompers, shoes, handbags, jewelry and much more. Best sellers include sweaters, during the winter, and swimwear and occasional dresses, for the summer. But of course, jewelry, a girl’s best friend, is a year-round best seller. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well believe it people, and the prices are within reason, too! While interviewing Rachel, she couldn’t stress enough how people rarely go over $75 when checking out. As a woman in college, I could not be happier with that price!

Like the city of Martin, York Laine takes pride in who they are and what they do. By starting out in Martin and establishing themselves as a growing business, York Laine will expand into larger cities and, in no time, become a booming business! We are electrified at the arrival of this fabulous store and cannot wait to get in and make some purchases! Too take a closer look at York Laine’s website, click here! Or check out York Laine on Facebook or Instagram!

Kaci Mitchell  Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell

Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell