Meet Kaci

Kaci Mitchell Writer for Good Morning Martin

Kaci Mitchell
Writer for Good Morning Martin

Hello all! My name is Kaci Mitchell, and I am currently a student at the University of Tennessee at Martin, in the tiny town of Martin, Tennessee. For those who don’t know where Martin is, it’s just a north of Memphis and right below the Kentucky border. Martin may be a small place that doesn’t have as much as Memphis or Nashville, but it is a place that has wonderful people, a spectacular school, and overall a welcoming and comforting environment. I love the town that won my heart over 5 years ago, not because of what the town itself had to offer, but the people in it are what make this place so unique and lovable.

I grew up in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. A slightly larger community than Martin, that is outside of Knoxville. I chose to come to UTM to continue my soccer career and receive a degree in communications. Now that it’s my last semester here, I am beginning an internship program for Good Morning Martin and could not be more excited to learn and get some real-world experience from this opportunity! The next three and half months will be dedicated to grabbing the community’s and many others attention, to show them how awesome Martin is and help encourage outsiders to see what we get to see every day. Good Morning Martin is here to help show what Martin, TN has to offer and that, regardless of the size, this little country town has heart.

I am ecstatic to be in this position and be working with Good Morning Martin because I believe that this is my opportunity to promote Martin and show its beauty within. I have never been in a position that allowed me to truly contribute to change, or big enough outlet to make a significant impact. I cannot wait to see how this internship will not only benefit and prepare me for my future, as a public relations editor, but also benefit the small and happy town of Martin, Tennessee.

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