"Good Morning, Martin!"

Good Morning, Martin! With 2017 coming to a close and the fresh year quickly approaching, it is important to pause and reflect. If you’re anything like me, when I look at my year as a whole I am overcome with the hodgepodge of meetings with clients, visits from friends and family, cups of coffee, piles of laundry, planned events, photos of Soybean Festival and UTM games, and those lucky Saturdays when you’d let the birds be your alarm instead of a buzzing phone. It all hits and morphs into a big blob of 2017.


But when I do finally pause to reflect on everything, I see that it is more than a blob. I see the victories. I see the happy little town that we live in and the festive moments of celebration throughout the year. I see how John and I have grown as individuals and as a couple celebrating 2 years of marriage. I see the dinners out, the evenings in, the walks around the pond at the Rec Park, and all times when we turned the other one’s “I can’t” into a “How can I help?”.

This has been a big year for me and John. We have started multiple ventures—some sticking, some sliding, and all challenging us. The biggest achievement of the year has been the launch of Martin Coffeehouse. We have been completely consumed with this coffee business and have allowed it to take over our hearts and minds FULL TIME. Of course it has come with its handful of surprises, but perhaps the biggest surprise has been the response of the people of Martin to its new coffeehouse.


We are so honored by this community's response to our new business, that we want to create a platform to highlight what people love about Martin and our favorite things to do here.  

Good Morning Martin is a weekly blog where readers can find anything from personal stories to town news to promo codes for various local shops. Our goal is to promote our small town as the best place to live East of the Mississippi! So let's celebrate! Celebrate the new year with new pride in where we live.

Leave us a comment below about why you love Martin, Tennessee and what your favorite memory from 2017 is. And don't forget to subscribe for new Good Morning Martin updates!

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